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Enhance communication skills with feedback & practice interviews.
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Verbaly Features

Verbaly is an AI powered speech coaching application that helps individuals become effective communicators. It offers analysis of recordings, mock interviews, small talk practice, and pitch coaching to help users improve their communication skills. Verbaly records and evaluates users’ speeches to provide detailed analytics on their personal speech patterns, delivery, and overall performance.

Top 5 Features:
-Record and analyze recordings
-Receive personalized feedback
-Compare to pros and others alike
-Practice speaking with Vee, an AI powered speech coach
-Securely store and treat recordings and personal data with utmost confidentiality

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Run through a Practice Interview or Investor Pitch
-Analyze and Track Your Improvement over Time
-Break Bad Speech Habits
-Converse with Vee and Ask Questions Regarding Communication Skills
-Securely Record and Analyze Meetings Privately


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