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Fast, automated translation and dubbing in 50+ languages.
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Vidby Features

Vidby is a service that provides automated video translation and dubbing, making it easy to convert content into different languages with natural-sounding voiceovers. This platform utilizes advanced AI technology to ensure translations maintain the original message’s nuances and context. It caters to content creators, businesses, and educators looking to expand their reach into global markets by breaking language barriers.


⚡ Top 5 Vidby Features:

  1. AI-Powered Video Translation: Vidby uses advanced artificial intelligence to translate video content quickly and with high accuracy.
  2. Document Translation: The platform also extends its AI translation capabilities to documents, enabling users to translate text files seamlessly.
  3. Video Subtitling Services: Vidby creates subtitles for videos, thus enhancing accessibility and understanding for a multilingual audience.
  4. MeetUpCall Translation: This feature allows users in MeetUpCall conferences to communicate across different languages, facilitated by Vidby’s translation service.
  5. YouTube Content Detection and Translation: The YouTube Detector tool identifies and translates spoken content in YouTube videos, making it accessible to a broader audience.


⚡ Top 5 Vidby Use Cases:

  1. Global Business Presentations: Companies can translate and dub corporate materials and presentations into multiple languages to effectively communicate with international partners and employees.

  2. Educational Content Localization: Educational institutions and e-learning platforms can localize their courses and lectures for students around the world, ensuring that language is not a barrier to learning.

  3. Multilingual Marketing Campaigns: Marketers can create multilingual versions of video advertisements and promotional materials to target audiences in different linguistic demographics, thus increasing their global reach.

  4. Entertainment Industry Expansion: Film and TV producers can use such services to translate and dub movies, shows, and web series to cater to a global audience, expanding their viewership.

  5. Accessibility Services for Content Creators: Independent content creators and vloggers can add subtitles and dub their content in various languages to make their work accessible to a non-English speaking audience, enhancing viewer engagement.


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