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What is Visily AI?

Visily is an AI-powered UI design software that allows users to create hi-fidelity wireframes and prototypes without the need for complicated design software or extensive design skills. The platform uses AI to simplify workflows and overcome design challenges by converting user inputs such as text prompts, screenshots, and templates into fully customizable high-fidelity designs. Visily offers various features like instant generation of flowcharts and diagrams from text prompts, conversion of existing UI screenshots into editable wireframes, and an AI Design Assistant that detects and fixes color issues. Additionally, users can import app screenshots or logos to extract design systems, edit templates, and switch between low-fi and hi-fi versions of their designs. Visily provides free plans with unlimited viewers and editors, 100 credits for AI features, and access to over 1,500 free templates, among other features. It also offers paid plans with additional benefits like more AI credits, premium templates, priority support, and more.



⚡Top 5 Visily Features:

  1. Immediate creation of hi-fidelity wireframes and prototypes: Visily provides users with all the necessary tools to create professional-looking wireframes and prototypes without requiring additional plugins, libraries, or design systems.
  2. AI-driven design process: Visily leverages artificial intelligence to simplify workflows, address design challenges, and enhance overall usability.
  3. User-friendly conversion of inputs: Visily’s AI technology converts various types of user design inputs, such as text prompts, screenshots, and more, into fully customizable high-fidelity designs.
  4. Easy access to templates: Visily offers a wide range of page and component templates to help users quickly create wireframes and mockups without reinventing the wheel.
  5. Smart components library: Users can choose from a rich collection of smart components, ranging from simple buttons to complex charts, to streamline their design process.



⚡Top 5 Visily Use Cases:

  1. Design ideation and creation: Visily allows users to generate beautiful wireframes and diagrams instantly using simple text prompts, making the design process quick and efficient.
  2. Existing UI tweaking: By uploading screenshots of existing apps or websites, users can convert them into editable wireframes, enabling them to make necessary changes easily.
  3. Sketch conversion to digital designs: Drawing app ideas on paper can be converted into customizable UI designs using Visily’s AI technology, allowing users to iterate on their ideas rapidly.
  4. Page layout generation: With just a few clicks, users can quickly design entire page layouts using pre-built templates, ensuring simplicity and consistency in their designs.
  5. Component reuse and customization: Pre-built UI elements can be utilized to create complex UI elements, saving time and effort while maintaining a cohesive design system.

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