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Automate UI code updates, sync Figma designs with code.
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What is Vivid?

Vivid is a tool that synchronizes Figma designs with codebases by automatically generating and updating UI code. Designers can submit their designs directly in Figma and get code for each component as a pull request. Developers can add functionality to the generated divs, edit styles, and regenerate when designs are changed, ensuring that the code updates while preserving previous edits. Vivid isolates design styles to allow developers to focus on functionality without being overwhelmed by style clutter. Styles are controlled by Figma and are variant-aware, meaning they change with props. The auto-updating code always tracks Figma, making it easier for developers to maintain consistency between the design and the code.



⚡Top 5 Vivid Features:

  1. Generate code: Submit designs directly in Figma and get code for each component as a PR.
  2. Make edits: Add functionality to the generated divs and edit styles/divs as desired.
  3. Sync changes: Regenerate when you change your designs and preserve edits.
  4. Style isolation: Isolate design styles so developers can focus on functionality.
  5. Anatomy: Call styled elements from the design file and overwrite styles to add functionality.



⚡Top 5 Vivid Use Cases:

  1. Design collaboration: Collaborate with designers and developers on UI components.
  2. Code generation: Generate code automatically from Figma designs.
  3. Editing flexibility: Edit styles and functionality without affecting the original design.
  4. Component library: Build a library of customizable UI components.
  5. Project management: Manage entire design systems within Figma.

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