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Extract insights from customer conversations for e-commerce.
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Voc AI Features

Voc AI by Shulex provides comprehensive insight into customer sentiment and competitive analysis. It offers a suite of services including market insight, AI chatbot, product research, Amazon review analysis, and more. This platform is designed to empower e-commerce businesses with VOC and product research tools, providing in-depth analysis, optimization, and global commodity monitoring.

Top 5 Features:
Voice of Customer Analysis: Voc AI enables businesses to understand their customers better by analyzing customer feedback and sentiment
Competitive Analysis: The tool allows users to analyze their competition, providing valuable insights that can help in strategic decision-making
Product Research: Get comprehensive product research capabilities, helping businesses understand market trends and consumer preferences
Amazon Review Analysis: This feature allows businesses to analyze reviews on Amazon, gaining insights into customer satisfaction and product performance
AI Chatbot: Voc AI provides an AI chatbot service that can improve customer interaction and engagement

Top 5 Use Cases:
Product Research: Voc ai can be used to conduct in-depth product research, analyzing market trends, and customer preferences for various products
Customer Review Analysis: The platform is capable of analyzing customer reviews on platforms like Amazon, providing valuable insights into customer satisfaction and product performance
Competitive Analysis: Businesses can use Voc AI to conduct a thorough competitive analysis, helping them make strategic decisions
Voice of Customer Analysis: Businesses can better understand their customers’ sentiment and feedback, helping them improve their products and services
Optimization of Customer Service: By utilizing the AI chatbot service, businesses can enhance their customer interaction and engagement, leading to improved customer service


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