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VOCALOID site for realistic vocal performances and singing voices.
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Vocaloid Features

Vocaloid.com is the official VOCALOID site run by Yamaha Corporation. It is a website where you can purchase downloadable versions of singing synthesizer software and Voice Banks, as well as find the latest information on VOCALOID.
Top 5 Features:
– Purchase downloadable versions of VOCALOID6 and VOCALO CHANGER
– Learn and create vocal parts with VOCALOID AI
– Improved workflow with DAWs
– Sing lyrics in a mixture of Japanese, English and Chinese
– Generate highly expressive singing voices
Top 5 Use Cases:
– Create background music for YouTube channels, video games, etc.
– Record high-quality vocals for songs
– Generate realistic vocal performances for virtual concerts
– Produce music for compositions, albums and live performances
– Create realistic-sounding singing voices for virtual singers/avatars.


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