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What is Voice Swap?

Voice Swap utilizes AI to transform users’ singing voices into those of famous artists. The site features an exclusive roster of artists who partner with the company, allowing them to receive royalties for using their AI voices. Users can create realistic demos without studio time, and the AI models output traceable audio legally owned by the singers. The platform screens all audio and text for hate speech and inappropriate content. Subscribers can use the AI voices of session singers in their tracks and commercially but must obtain licenses to use the voices of featured artists. The site also offers a ‘Stem-Swap’ feature that allows users to replace the voice on their track with one of the featured artists, and users can download the stems of their track with the voice replaced.



⚡Top 5 Voice Swap Features:

  1. AI Transformation: Voice Swap uses AI to transform users’ singing voices, allowing them to sound like professional artists.
  2. Exclusive Artist Partnerships: Voice Swap partners with renowned artists, providing access to their AI voices for users.
  3. Remote Collaborations: The platform facilitates remote collaborations among artists, producers, and writers.
  4. Realistic Demos: Users can create realistic demos without needing expensive studio time.
  5. Subscription Services: Subscription plans offer various levels of audio credits and additional features.



⚡Top 5 Voice Swap Use Cases:

  1. Writing Songs: Voice Swap helps users write songs by providing AI voices that match the desired artist’s style.
  2. Improving Vocal Skills: Users can practice and improve their singing skills by using the platform’s various AI models.
  3. Creating Demos: Producers can create demos for clients or themselves, showcasing different artist voices.
  4. Collaborating with Artists: Users can connect with artists to discuss re-singing tracks or other collaborations.
  5. Replacing Vocal Samples: Voice Swap offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional vocal samples from sample packs.

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