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Convert voice notes into text with search, smart transcription.
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What is VribbleAI?

VribbleAI is an AI-powered tool designed to help users manage their voice notes and ideas more efficiently. It transcribes voice notes into clear summaries using AI technology, enabling users to easily search for specific keywords within their notes. Key features include the ability to search past recordings, connect to Telegram for voice message transcription, and store transcriptions and summaries for easy retrieval. VribbleAI offers three pricing plans: Note Taker (free), Brainstormer ($7 per month), and Idea Machine ($12 per month). Each plan varies in recording time limits and additional features.



⚡Top 5 VribbleAI Features:

  1. Search Past Recordings: Easily search through all past recordings and find the context of exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Telegram Connectivity: Connect Vribble to your Telegram to transcribe voice messages. Simply forward them to the @VribbleBot and receive a transcription in seconds.
  3. Clear Summaries: Transform your voice notes into clear summaries with AI.
  4. Easy Search: Easily search any keyword within your notes.
  5. Store Ideas Safely: Keep your ideas safe in one place by storing your transcriptions and summaries so that you can easily search to find anything in seconds.



⚡Top 5 VribbleAI Use Cases:

  1. Business Meetings: Quickly transcribe and summarize important points from business meetings to share with team members who couldn’t attend.
  2. Personal Idea Generation: Capture and organize personal ideas, such as creative writing projects or brainstorming sessions.
  3. Student Research: Organize research materials and take notes during lectures or seminars.
  4. Podcast Listeners: Transcribe and summarize podcast episodes for easy reference and sharing.
  5. Journalists: Transcribe interviews and turn them into articles or summaries for publication.

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