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What is Waymark?

Waymark is an AI video creator that helps businesses produce personalized commercials and spec spots quickly. The platform uses a single prompt to generate compelling videos, which can be customized with last-minute adjustments before sharing or downloading for airtime on TV, CTV, and digital platforms. The tool scans the web for local business data and automatically produces videos based on brand information.



⚡Top 5 Waymark Features:

  1. AI Video Creation: The AI technology scans the web for local business data and generates videos tailored to your brand.
  2. Customizable Videos: Adjust and finalize your video before sharing or downloading it for broadcast.
  3. Broadcast Ready: Waymark ensures compatibility with TV, CTV, and digital platforms, eliminating concerns over technical specifications.
  4. Easy Business Prompt: Start with a simple business prompt to initiate the video creation process.
  5. Professional Quality: Output includes MPEG-4 files with resolutions up to 1080p, using H.264 codec and 29.97 frame rate.



⚡Top 5 Waymark Use Cases:

  1. Promotional Messaging: Create fast, affordable, and timely promotional videos for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Local Business Data: Utilize AI to generate videos based on local business information.
  3. Broadcast Across Platforms: Share your video across TV, CTV, and digital platforms with ease.
  4. Customizable Adjustments: Polish your video with last-minute adjustments before sharing or downloading.
  5. Efficient Video Production: Save time by using a single prompt to create compelling commercials in minutes.

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