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Web3 Summary

Research platform for crypto, web3, DAOs, defi, and NFTs.
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Web3 Summary Features

Web3 Summary is an AI-powered research platform that helps people to translate crypto, web3, DAOs, defi and NFTs. With its intuitive dashboard, users can access comprehensive trading terminal, wallet study, a discord bot, mobile app, profit taking and relative valuation metrics and more.

Top 5 Features:
– Trading Terminal – one place for all NFT and DeFi research and investing
– Wallet Study – in-depth research kit for deep wallet and contract scans
– Discord Bot – an AI based personal researcher that works for you
– Mobile App – feature-packed mobile app for DeFi NFT traders
– Chrome Extension – helpful extension for NFT and DeFi researching on the web

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Researching and investing in NFTs and DeFi protocols
– Analyzing on-chain data
– Making informed trading decisions
– Taking profits strategically
– Evaluating tokens and NFTs based on accurate valuation metrics.


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