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Generate, sell stunning images directly from Discord with Wirestock
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Wirestock AI Features

Wirestock.io is an image generator Discord Bot that helps users generate and sell AI images. It supports Midjourney and other AI generators and lets users directly integrate them into their Wirestock account for instant upscaling.

Top 5 Features:
-AI Image Generator
-Upscale and Post images instantly from Discord
-Direct integration into Midjourney
-Instant Quality Upscaling
-Sell on the largest marketplaces

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Generate images for creative challenges
-Upscale images from Midjourney and other AI generators
-Improve the quality of images with the upscaling feature
-Submit images to creative challenges for a chance to win prizes
-Sell AI images on the largest marketplaces including Adobe Stock, 123RF, Freepik, Dreamtime and more.


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