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Searchie Wisdom: automate answers & support.
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What is Wisdomai?

Wisdomai offers a subscription-based AI-powered conversational chat for content called Searchie Wisdom. This tool uses GPT-4 to respond to questions and inquiries, extracting important information from various sources and presenting it in a conversational format. It aims to increase content consumption and engagement by providing instant answers to users’ queries. Searchie Wisdom is designed to be compatible with any platform and can be used for various purposes such as customer support, coaching programs, podcasts, and more. It allows users to train the system with their content, including media sources like podcasts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and websites. The goal is to improve efficiency, empower customers, and enhance outcomes through automated, 24/7 AI-driven support.



⚡Top 5 WisdomAI Features:

  1. Personalized Chatbot: A personalized chatbot powered by GPT-4, which responds to questions and inquiries by extracting essential information from various sources and presenting it in a conversational format.
  2. Content Integration: WisdomAI can be integrated with different platforms, allowing users to plug their wisdom into internal knowledge bases and unlock content with ease.
  3. Automated Support: The system automates customer support processes, providing instant answers to queries and reducing costs associated with traditional support teams.
  4. Conversational AI: WisdomAI uses conversational AI to enhance content consumption and engagement, making it easier for audiences to find relevant information quickly.
  5. Analytics and Insights: Get valuable insights and analytics about research, helping users stay informed about the latest field developments.



⚡Top 5 WisdomAI Use Cases:

  1. Customer Support: Easily handle customer inquiries around the clock, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional support teams.
  2. Content Enhancement: By integrating this tool into existing content, users can create more engaging experiences for their audience and increase overall satisfaction.
  3. Research Assistance: Advanced analytics capabilities enable researchers to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.
  4. Educational Tools: Educators can utilize WisdomAI to create interactive learning environments where students can access information easily and efficiently.
  5. Productivity Improvement: WisdomAI can streamline daily tasks and operations, increasing efficiency and productivity across various industries.

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