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What is WorkplaceAI?

WorkplaceAI is an intelligent AI system designed to assist teams within organizations by integrating with their existing tools and apps. It allows users to ask questions and retrieve information specific to their workplace, such as booking holidays or solving engineering problems. WorkplaceAI is different from general AI like ChatGPT because it interacts directly with tools like Google Drive to find files and provides actionable results. Its purpose is to remove knowledge bottlenecks by making information accessible to everyone, improving overall efficiency and productivity within a company.



⚡Top 5 WorkplaceAI Features:

  1. Intelligent Coworker Connected to Internal Tools: WorkplaceAI integrates with the apps you’re already using, allowing you to send messages on Slack, fetch files from Google Drive, and check live events on your calendar.
  2. Accessible Knowledge: WorkplaceAI makes knowledge accessible to everyone within your organization, removing the bottleneck created by individual knowledge holders.
  3. Trained on Your Internal Docs: Unlike other chatbots, WorkplaceAI is specifically trained on your internal documents, enabling it to interact directly with tools like Google Drive to find files, resources, and provide actionable results.
  4. Customizable Experience: WorkplaceAI offers a familiar experience for your team, ensuring they can easily adapt to its functionality and benefits.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: Although pricing details have not been disclosed, WorkplaceAI promises to remove the bottleneck caused by individual knowledge holders without specifying costs.



⚡Top 5 WorkplaceAI Use Cases:

  1. Booking Holidays: WorkplaceAI can assist employees in booking holidays, providing relevant information and resources to streamline the process.
  2. Engineering Problem Solving: Engineers can rely on WorkplaceAI to help solve complex problems, leveraging its intelligence and access to internal resources.
  3. Navigating Internal Tools: WorkplaceAI can serve as a guide for navigating internal tools and apps, helping users understand their capabilities and optimize their usage.
  4. Project Management Support: Project managers can utilize WorkplaceAI to manage projects more effectively, accessing necessary resources and information quickly and efficiently.
  5. Communication Enhancement: WorkplaceAI can improve communication within teams by facilitating discussions, sharing relevant content, and providing real-time updates.

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