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WwoTo: create & host interactive video content for global reach.
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What is WowTo?

WowTo AI is a platform designed to help businesses create how-to videos, support videos, and step-by-step videos quickly and easily using AI technology. The platform includes features such as automatic voice-over generation, a user-friendly video editor, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the videos to match specific use cases and brands. WowTo also offers multilingual capabilities, allowing videos to be accessed in various languages, and integrates with popular applications like Intercom and Slack for seamless access within these platforms. Additionally, WowTo allows users to create videos from PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, making it convenient to repurpose existing documentation into engaging video content.



⚡Top 5 WowTo Features:

  1. Easy Video Creation: Create how-to videos, support videos, and step-by-step videos in minutes using the AI screen recorder that automatically generates voice-over for your video.
  2. Customizable Layouts: Pick a knowledge base layout to match your use-case and brand it with logo, cover art, and icons.
  3. Multi-Language Capability: With native multi-lingual capability, allow your global users to hear videos in their locale.
  4. In-App Integration: Use the WowTo widget inside your app to bring in-app video tutorials programmatically.
  5. Versatile Input Options: Create videos using Chrome extensions, images, or simply turn PDF/PPT to videos.



⚡Top 5 WowTo Use Cases:

  1. Support Videos: Create support videos for your customers, reducing the need for written support articles and increasing engagement.
  2. Training Videos: Develop training videos for employees or clients, providing a visual and interactive learning experience.
  3. Instructional Videos: Convert PDF documents to videos, making complex instructions more accessible and engaging.
  4. Product Demonstrations: Add product-related videos on your e-commerce website to guide users on how to use and troubleshoot products.
  5. User Onboarding: Incorporate walkthrough videos into your user onboarding emails or in-app onboarding process to improve the user experience.

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