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Writer Features

Writer – Transform work with enterprise generative AI: Writer is a platform that enables businesses to accelerate growth and maximize productivity and creativity with the help of enterprise generative AI. It provides customizable AI features that are secure, private and completely Writer-built. Top 5 Features:
– LLMs Built on secure enterprise grade LLMs.
– Create great work effortlessly.
– Get answers in seconds.
– Enforce guardrails.
– Access Writer everywhere you work.
Top 5 Use Cases:
– Content Generation: Templates, Recaps, Style Guide, Terms, Snippets.
– Platform: Platform overview, API, Data security, Reporting analytics, Onboarding support.
– Integrations: Chrome, Google Docs, Word, Outlook, Figma, Contentful.
– Brand Governance: Style Guide, Terms, Snippets.
– Customer Stories: The HubSpot Content Team with Writer.


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