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What is Xembly?

Xembly is an AI-powered productivity platform designed to streamline scheduling, note-taking, and task management for businesses. By delegating these tasks to an AI executive assistant named Xena, employees can free up approximately 400 hours per year, allowing them to focus on more strategic work and increasing overall efficiency. Xembly aims to expand workforce capacity by 20%, improve task completion rates by 28%, and enhance collaboration among teams. The platform is built with enterprise-level compliance and security features, ensuring data protection and customizability. Xembly has received positive feedback from various executives and professionals, highlighting its effectiveness in improving productivity and reducing administrative burdens.



⚡Top 5 Xembly Features:

  1. Delegate Admin Work: Expand workforce capacity by 20% by delegating administrative tasks to Xena, your AI executive assistant.
  2. Task Tracking: See a 28% higher task completion rate when using Xena for task tracking.
  3. Schedule Effortlessly: Handle calendar chaos and schedule meetings as easily as sending an email or Slack message.
  4. Meeting Summaries: Automatically capture key meeting details, write readable notes, and summarize action items that matter.
  5. To-Do List Integration: Block time on your calendar to get your to-do list done and reflect your priorities.



⚡Top 5 Xembly Use Cases:

  1. Collaborative Meetings: Improve collaboration and creativity by focusing on conversations instead of taking meeting notes.
  2. Action Item Management: Ensure accountability and progress by capturing and tracking action items from meetings.
  3. Integrated Productivity Stack: Consolidate your productivity tools and streamline your workday with a single platform.
  4. Compliance and Audit Logging: Satisfy complex regulatory and security requirements with precise logging and access logs.
  5. Customizable Data Retention Policies: Optimize storage management and audit readiness with customizable data retention policies.

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