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You Got Cooking

Discover tailored recipes based on your available ingredients.
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What is You Got Cooking?

You Got Cooking is a website that provides recipe suggestions based on the ingredients available at home. It uses an AI, specifically the GPT-3 model, to generate these recipes. Users can request recipe ideas, but there is a daily limit to prevent potential misuse of the free service. The AI suggests recipes regardless of language, although English yields better results. The site encourages users to use their judgment while preparing the suggested dishes as the AI lacks the ability to taste the food.



⚡Top 5 You Got Cooking Features:

  1. Ingredient-based Recipe Generation: The website generates recipe suggestions based on the ingredients available at home.
  2. AI-generated Recipes: The recipes are created using an AI, specifically the GPT-3 model.
  3. Multilingual Support: While English provides the best results, the website also supports other languages.
  4. Limited Daily Requests: To prevent misuse, the website limits the number of daily requests for recipe generation.



⚡Top 5 You Got Cooking Use Cases:

  1. Quick Meal Ideas: When unsure about what to cook, users can input their available ingredients and receive instant recipe suggestions.
  2. Language Learning Practice: Users who are learning English or another supported language can practice reading and understanding recipes in context.
  3. Creative Inspiration: The AI-generated recipes offer unique combinations of ingredients and cooking techniques, inspiring new dishes.
  4. Efficient Shopping List Management: By generating recipes based on existing ingredients, users can optimize their shopping list and reduce food waste.

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