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Learn English with real-life conversations and audio feedback.
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Zaplingo Features

Zaplingo is an AI-powered English tutor that allows users to overcome the shyness of speaking in English with real-life conversations. With Zaplingo, users can learn English at their own pace anytime they want.

Top 5 features of Zaplingo:
– Audio Messages: practice your pronunciation with audio messages and receive instant feedback
– Conversation Practice: engage in real-life conversations to build confidence and improve speaking skills
– Grammar Explanation: get clear and concise explanations of grammar rules to understand and apply them in your conversations
– Always Available: improve your English anytime you want
– Talk in Your Language: if you’re unsure how to say something, ask in your native language for a more comfortable and confident learning experience

Top 5 use cases of Zaplingo:
– Learning English for daily conversations
– Preparing for an English exam
– Developing English speaking skills for job interviews
– Improving English pronunciation
– Mastering grammar rules


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