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What is Zeda IO?

Zeda IO is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy platform designed for B2B and SaaS businesses. It aims to turn voice of customer (VoC) into revenue-generating products by helping businesses discover customer problems to solve, guiding next build decisions with AI, and creating revenue-focused roadmaps. Some key benefits include:

– Amping sales growth by up to 50%
– Crafting product strategies in just a third of the time
– Cutting customer churn rates by as much as 20%
– Freeing up over 90 hours for team collaboration

Zeda IO offers several features to facilitate these benefits:

– Collect & Centralize VoC: Centralize feedback and customer data from multiple sources, including portals, widgets, and integrations with customer support tools.
– Get Actionable Product & Customer Insights: Use AI and machine learning (ML) to interpret customer signals and gain actionable insights.
– Close Feedback Loops Faster: Automatically generate release notes and distribute them through multiple channels.
– Create Impact-first Roadmaps: Develop revenue-focused roadmaps, share with customers, and align teams.

Zeda IO also provides tools for improving product ROI, closing deals faster, reducing churn, and driving business impact. It is praised for its ability to enhance team alignment, enable genuine customer-led innovation, and streamline communication between sales and product teams.



⚡Top 5 Zeda IO Features:

  1. Centralized Feedback Collection: Collect and centralize customer and product feedback from multiple sources, including portals, widgets, and integrations with customer support tools.
  2. AI-Powered Insights: Utilize AI and ML capabilities to interpret customer signals from various channels, providing valuable product insights and understanding business and customer perspectives comprehensively.
  3. Impact-first Roadmaps: Craft product roadmaps that focus on revenue and impact, allowing teams to align around product outcomes and prioritize initiatives.
  4. AI Release Notes: Automatically generate release notes using AI, distributing them efficiently and analyzing performance across multiple channels.
  5. Holistic Product Management: Incorporate product analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude, as well as CRM platforms, to connect customer insights with distinct cohorts and extract customer health and deal information.



⚡Top 5 Zeda IO Use Cases:

  1. Improving Sales Growth: Achieve up to 50% increase in sales growth by streamlining sales and product team collaboration and closing deals faster.
  2. Reducing Customer Churn: Lower churn rates by up to 20%, improving product adoption and increasing NPS and CSAT scores.
  3. Product Strategy Development: Develop effective product strategies by gathering feedback from multiple inputs, conducting deep analysis, and generating actionable insights.
  4. Driving Product Outcomes: Ensure successful product outcomes by connecting OKRs to product plans, measuring real-world outcomes, and assessing delivery confidence.
  5. Customer-Centric Innovation: Foster genuine customer-led innovation by placing customer feedback at the forefront, identifying emerging trends, and addressing pain points.

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