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What is Zigpoll?

Zigpoll is a platform designed to facilitate feedback polls, email capture campaigns, and customer surveys. It offers various plans ranging from a free Lite version to paid tiers with increasing response limits and additional features like email sending capabilities, team member access, automatic AI insights, white label support, and branding removal. Users can collect zero-party data through post-purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, and interactive polls and forms. The platform supports businesses across industries such as blogs and media, eCommerce, software as a service, and others. It provides flexibility in question formats and allows customization of styles for surveys.



⚡Top 5 Zigpoll Features:

  1. Embeddable Polls: Create interactive polls that can be embedded on various pages of your website.
  2. Customizable Colors: Change the color scheme of each poll using the display tab.
  3. Page Rules: Specify which pages you want a poll to show up on.
  4. Flexible Question Formats: Use multiple question formats to engage customers and gather quality feedback.
  5. White Label Support: Customize the branding of your surveys to match your business.



⚡Top 5 Zigpoll Use Cases:

  1. Feedback Polls: Collect customer opinions on changes and product releases.
  2. Email Capture Campaigns: Drive leads by capturing email addresses through polls.
  3. Customer Surveys: Understand user preferences and improve your website or product line.
  4. Software as a Service Feedback: Gather feedback for software development while rewarding users.
  5. eCommerce Optimization: Improve marketing spend and product line based on customer feedback.

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