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Free browser extension for reminders, notes, research, and organization.
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ZipZap Features

ZipZap.AI is a free AI powered personal assistant that serves as your knowledge base, productivity assistant, and more. Through the AI powered browser extension, you can access a variety of features that help you with your daily tasks. Features include:

– Automated personal assistant: ZipZap.AI can help with scheduling events, reminders, researching topics, and more.
– Enhanced search capabilities: You can search for specific topics and the AI will provide you with the best answers.
– Automated web browsing: With just a few clicks, ZipZap.AI can open specific webpages, like news sites or video streaming.
– Task reminders: ZipZap.AI can remind you about tasks and to-dos.
– Productivity boosters: ZipZap.AI helps boost productivity by suggesting helpful tips and tricks.

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Automated note taking: With ZipZap.AI, you can quickly take notes and record important information.
– Automated research: ZipZap.AI can quickly and efficiently research topics for you and provide all relevant information.
– Scheduling events and reminders: ZipZap.AI can help you manage and organize your calendar events more effectively.
– Enhanced desktop experience: ZipZap.AI helps you quickly find and access webpages to make your desktop experience more efficient.
– Productivity boosters: ZipZap.AI provides helpful tips and tricks to help increase your productivity.


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