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What is Zyng?

Zyng is an AI-powered image editing platform designed to automate complex tasks such as cropping, shadow addition, and background removal. It offers various features including subject and body awareness cropping, social media and e-commerce resizing, portrait retouching, custom cataloguing, and more. Zyng is suitable for different industries like e-commerce and retail, marketing and advertising, photography, and graphic design. It offers pay-as-you-go pricing with four tiers: Starter ($0.05/image), Basic ($0.025/image), Pro ($0.0125/image), and Enterprise (custom pricing). The platform also provides a free trial with 100 free images on sign up.



⚡Top 5 Zyng Features:

Subject aware cropping: Edits image according to the subject boundaries

Body aware cropping: Edits image according to the body landmarks

Social media resizing: Extends canvas backgrounds seamlessly using the magic of AI

E-commerce resizing: Remove background and resize images to consistent dimensions

Portrait retouching: Add a professional touch to your images with AI-powered portrait retouching

Custom cataloguing: Use workflows to build consistent catalogs



⚡Top 5 Zyng Use Cases:

E-Commerce and Retail: Remove backgrounds for clean product cut outs. Resize photos consistently. Apply brand colors as backdrops. Reframe angles tightly on products.

Marketing and Advertising: Composite lifestyle product scenes effortlessly. Design unified look across campaigns. Create engaging social content framing. Optimize sizing per platform.

Photography: Edit portraits with seamless background blurs. Extend canvas backgrounds seamlessly. Retouch talent focus areas quickly. Isolate compelling details.

Graphic Design: Clip out subjects with hairline precision. Design stylized product pack shot visuals.


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