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Listen to narrated articles from favorite publications anytime, anywhere.
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What is Ad Auris?

Ad Auris Play is a service that converts articles into audio formats, allowing users to listen to them directly on the platform or through other services such as Spotify. It utilizes advanced text-to-speech technology and post-production editing to create podcast-like narrations. Users can generate audio versions of articles they wish to hear, which can also be distributed across multiple platforms for wider reach. The platform offers customizable audio players and supports various languages, making it accessible to diverse audiences.



⚡Top 5 Ad Auris Play Features:

  1. Article Conversion: Convert articles into podcast-like narrations instantly.
  2. Personal Playlists: Save articles to listen to later.
  3. Mobile Listening: Enjoy seamless listening on the go.
  4. Enhanced Text-to-Speech Technology: Experience high-quality narrations.
  5. Post-Production Editing: Benefit from professional editing techniques.



⚡Top 5 Ad Auris Play Use Cases:

  1. Productivity Boost: Consume articles during commutes or multitasking.
  2. Content Consumption: Listen to articles from favorite publications.
  3. Accessibility: Enable audio accessibility for students or other audiences.
  4. Branding Integration: Customize the color of the audio player to match branding.
  5. Multi-Platform Distribution: Share audio content across different platforms.

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