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AI Cards

Create custom, professional holiday cards with easy-to-use design tools.
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What is AI Cards?

Designstripe provides an AI-powered tool for creating unique holiday cards and social media content. Users can input their website URL to capture their brand’s essence and create on-brand, relevant social designs instantly. The platform includes an in-browser editor for personalizing designs, which automatically adapts to different social platforms and formats. Additionally, designstripe offers daily post suggestions related to industries, products, and seasons, making it easier for users to come up with content ideas. The service is designed to be effortless and efficient, allowing users to create designer-grade posts without requiring professional design skills.



⚡Top 5 designstripe Features:

  1. AI Holiday Cards: Create unique holiday cards using artificial intelligence technology.
  2. Customizable Illustrations: Browse an extensive catalog of customizable illustrations and turn them into social media posts.
  3. One-Click Social Media Designs: Generate on-brand and on-demand social media posts for various platforms.
  4. In-Browser Editor: Edit text and add images to create designer-grade posts without requiring professional design skills.
  5. Automatic Format Adaptation: Ensure your posts look great on every social platform and in different formats.



⚡Top 5 designstripe Use Cases:

  1. Social Media Marketing: Utilize designstripe to create visually appealing and engaging social media content quickly and easily.
  2. Brand Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand image across all social media channels by using designstripe’s AI-powered tools.
  3. Time-Saving Design Process: Save time and effort in creating custom illustrations and designing posts with the help of designstripe.
  4. Seasonal Campaigns: Create unique holiday cards or themed content for special occasions using designstripe’s A.I.-generated designs.
  5. Collaborative Design Workflow: Share your ideas, website content, or URL to create stunning posts together with your team or clients.

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