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AI-based tool to verify student work authenticity with 99.7% accuracy.
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What is AICheatCheck?

AIcheatcheck provides a state-of-the-art demo of a research project focused on developing an AI cheat check for education. The tool aims to ensure the authenticity of student work by accurately assessing whether the content is generated by artificial intelligence. It uses advanced techniques to analyze sentence structure and readability, making it particularly effective for identifying AI-generated content in English text. The tool is currently compatible with English language and works best on texts longer than 50 words. It is free to use and is currently under development.



⚡Top AICheatCheck Features:

  1. Analyzes Sentence Structure and Readability: Advanced algorithms analyze sentence structure and readability in order to accurately detect AI-generated content.
  2. Compatible with English Language: The tool is specifically designed to work with English language text, making it ideal for identifying AI-generated content in academic settings.
  3. Most Accurate Above 50 Words: AICheatCheck performs best when analyzing text that contains over 50 words, providing higher accuracy in detecting AI-generated content.
  4. Free Trial Available: Users can try the tool before committing to its full capabilities, allowing them to evaluate its effectiveness for their needs.



⚡Top 5 AICheatCheck Use Cases:

  1. Academic Integrity Enforcement: Educational institutions can utilize AICheatCheck to ensure students are submitting original work and prevent instances of plagiarism.
  2. Quality Assurance in Content Generation: Businesses and individuals can easily verify the authenticity of content produced by AI tools, ensuring high-quality outputs.
  3. Monitoring Online Discussions: Social media platforms and online communities can maintain the integrity of discussions by detecting AI-generated content.
  4. Protecting Intellectual Property: Companies can safeguard their intellectual property by verifying the authenticity of content related to their products or services.
  5. Enhancing Customer Support: Customer support teams can benefit from AICheatCheck by verifying the authenticity of responses generated by AI chatbots, improving overall customer experience.

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