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Arcwise AI

Google Sheets extension for data analysis & presentation.
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What is Arcwise AI?

Arcwise AI is a tool designed to enhance productivity and simplify data management within Google Sheets. It offers features such as cleaning data, providing formula assistance, explaining spreadsheet content, and web scraping capabilities. Users can interact with the AI using text commands, which can include reorganizing data, summarizing responses, and even generating haikus. Additionally, the tool integrates with ChatGPT’s AI technology to provide explanations and transformations within the spreadsheet environment. The tool is available as a Chrome extension and is currently in beta phase, offering free usage up to a certain limit during this period.



⚡Top 5 Arcwise AI Features:

  1. Clean Your Data: This feature helps users clean up their data by removing unwanted characters, formatting inconsistencies, and duplicates.
  2. Formula Assistance: Arcwise AI offers assistance in creating complex formulas within Google Sheets, making calculations more efficient and accurate.
  3. Explain Your Sheet: The tool explains the logic behind the data in the sheet, providing valuable insights and understanding of the underlying data.
  4. Scrape the Web: With this feature, users can extract relevant data from websites and import it directly into their Google Sheets.



⚡Top 5 Arcwise AI Use Cases:

  1. LinkedIn Contacts: Users can scrape their LinkedIn contacts and import them into Google Sheets for better management and analysis.
  2. Amazon Shopping: By using the ‘scrape the web’ feature, users can gather data related to products, prices, and reviews from Amazon and analyze it in Google Sheets.
  3. Financial Analysis: Arcwise AI can assist in financial analysis by summarizing large amounts of data, identifying trends, and generating reports.
  4. Customer Feedback Analysis: The tool can help businesses analyze customer feedback from various platforms, such as social media or surveys, and generate insights.
  5. Marketing Campaign Performance: Users can track the performance of marketing campaigns across different channels, such as social media, email, or search engines, and gain insights into campaign effectiveness.

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