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Convert articles into quality audio in 140+ languages with easy sharing.
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What is Article.Audio?

Article Audio provides a solution for converting text into lifelike speech through the use of Neural Text-to-Speech systems. This service aims to create natural-sounding human audio for digital magazines, improving reader engagement and accessibility. Users can select their preferred voice to match their brand and enjoy features like auto-scroll with highlighting while audio plays. The platform offers managed services, allowing clients to integrate audio into their digital editions or websites with ease. Additionally, they provide audio analytics and reporting to track user engagement.



⚡Top 5 article2audio Features:

  1. Descriptive Imagery: AI provides hints about images
  2. Table Summaries: Synthesizes table essences
  3. Complex Text Interpretation: Understands complex texts
  4. Meaningful Voice-Overs: Enhances text before voice-over
  5. Multiple Language Support: Over 140 languages supported



⚡Top 5 article2audio Use Cases:

  1. Easy Listening: Convert articles to audio for effortless consumption
  2. Accessibility: Assist individuals with visual impairments
  3. Multilingual Learning: Learn new languages through audio
  4. Content Creation: Create audio versions of written content
  5. Podcast Production: Generate audio for podcast episodes

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