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Audio Strip

Remove vocals from any song to create custom vocal-free versions.
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What is Audio Strip?

Audio Strip is an online tool that provides near-perfect instrumental and vocal isolation from audio files, making it a valuable resource for musicians. The platform offers both a free service and a Premium version, which includes additional features like batch uploads, 10x faster isolation, and unlimited use. It also uses AI technology for tasks like transcribing music and instant mastering, catering to various needs in the music production process.



⚡ Top 5 Audio Strip Features:

  1. Near-Perfect Instrumental and Vocal Isolation: Audio Strip offers a tool that can separate vocals from the backing music in an audio file with high precision, which is ideal for musicians working on remixes, covers, or sampling
  2. Effortless Isolation on Multiple Songs: The platform allows users to isolate vocals and instruments from multiple songs, making it easier for users who are working on large projects or batches of songs
  3. Transcribe Music with AI: Audio Strip uses AI technology to transcribe music, converting audio files into sheet music or other readable formats. This feature can be handy for musicians looking to learn new pieces or analyze the structure of a song
  4. Instant AI Mastering: The platform also offers an AI-based mastering service, which can optimize the sound quality of your audio files with minimal effort on your part
  5. Free and Premium Options: Audio Strip provides a free version of its service, but users can upgrade to a Premium subscription to enjoy additional benefits like faster isolation, batch uploads, and unlimited use



⚡ Top 5 Audio Strip Use Cases:

  1. Music Production: Musicians can use Audio Strip to isolate vocals or instruments from a track, which is ideal for creating remixes or sampling parts of a song for a new creation
  2. Learning Tool for Musicians: By isolating the instrumentals or vocals, musicians can listen more closely to specific parts of a song. This can be particularly useful for learning new pieces or understanding the structure of a song
  3. Karaoke Creation: Audio Strip can create karaoke tracks by isolating and removing the vocals from a song. This allows users to have an instrumental version of their favorite songs to sing along to
  4. Transcription Services: With its AI-powered transcription feature, users can convert audio files into sheet music, providing a valuable resource for musicians looking to transcribe compositions
  5. Audio Mastering: The platform offers an instant AI mastering service, which can optimize the sound quality of your audio files. This can be beneficial for musicians who want to enhance their music’s sound quality without investing in expensive audio mastering software

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