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Listen to articles with ultra-realistic voices.
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Audioread Features

Audioread: Read in Audio is a website that offers the opportunity to listen to articles, PDFs, emails, and other documents in your podcast app or browser. The voices used are ultra-realistic AI voices, allowing the user to listen to documents while they exercise, cook, commute, and do other things. With Audioread: Read in Audio, it’s easier than ever to stay informed and entertained while multitasking.

Top 5 Features:
-Ultra-realistic AI voices
-Listen to articles, PDFs, and emails
-Ability to use podcast app or browser
-User-friendly interface
-Access to articles from a range of sources

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Stay informed while multitasking
-Listen to work documents in a more accessible format
-Listen to content while commuting
-Listen to content while exercising
-Listen to content while cooking


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