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Clippah Features

Clippah – AI Video Editor is an online video editing platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to help users create content in record time. With Clippah, users can access simple yet powerful tools to boost their social media reach through auto-dubbing, captioning, extracting chapter clips, and adding timestamps to YouTube videos.

Top 5 Features:
– Auto Dub: Use AI voice cloning technology to dub your videos
– Caption Video: Convert horizontal videos into vertical videos with captions
– Extract Chapter Clips: Easily create coherent chapter clips from a video
– Timestamp YouTube Video: Add timestamps to your YouTube video
– Simple Editing Tools: Access powerful and simple video editing tools

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Boost social media reach
– Create professional-looking videos with ease
– Convert videos for mobile viewing
– Get more views with auto captioning
– Easily extract chapter clips from a video


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