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Cyanite AI

AI tool for music tagging, recommendation, and similarity search.
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Cyanite AI Features

Cyanite AI is a cutting-edge music analysis and search platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to serve the music industry. It offers an array of features including auto-tagging, auto-description, and various search options like similarity search, keyword search, and free text search, making music discovery and organization a breeze. Additionally, it provides visualizations and data analytics, offering valuable insights to aid in music-related decisions.

Top 5 Cyanite AI Features:

  1. Auto-Tagging: This feature allows Cyanite’s AI technology to generate comprehensive metadata for every song or catalog swiftly, pulling valuable tags straight from audio files.
  2. Auto-Description: With this feature, users can create full-text descriptions directly from any song, which saves time and effort.
  3. Similarity Search: This feature enables users to input a reference song and discover a plethora of similar songs, ideal for various uses like sync, music supervision, A&R, content creation, curation, and more.
  4. Keyword Search: Access a vast array of 1,500 keywords that users can effortlessly combine and weigh to refine their music search.
  5. Free Text Search: The innovative Free Text Search feature allows users to search for music using their own words, moving beyond traditional tags and describing the sounds they’re looking for.

Top 5 Cyanite AI Use Cases:

  1. Music Supervision: Cyanite’s similarity search and auto-tagging features can help music supervisors find the perfect tracks for film, TV, and advertising projects.
  2. Artist & Repertoire (A&R): With its comprehensive metadata generation and search capabilities, Cyanite can aid A&R teams in discovering new talent and identifying potential hits.
  3. Content Creation: Content creators can use Cyanite AI to find songs that match their desired mood or style for various projects like video editing or podcast creation.
  4. Music Curation: For playlist curators or radio programmers, Cyanite’s keyword and free text search features can streamline the process of compiling songs that fit a particular theme or audience preference.
  5. Data Analytics: By providing visualizations and data analytics, Cyanite can offer valuable insights for decision-making in music-related businesses, such as trend prediction or market analysis.

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