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What is Decoherence?

Decoherence is a platform that offers real-time generative AI capabilities for creating images and videos. Users can generate images faster than they can type, scroll through infinite variations to find the perfect shot, and increase the resolution and details of their favorite images by upscaling them. Additionally, Decoherence enables users to create abstract animations that resonate with the beat of their music, providing a range of starting frames and aspect ratios for landscape, portrait, or square-size videos. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing creators to work at ten times the speed of traditional methods. It also provides tools for upscaling images and generating AI videos from text prompts and music.



⚡Top 5 Decoherence Features:

  1. Real-time AI: Generate images faster than you can type. Scroll through infinite variations to find the perfect shot.
  2. Reference Person: Increase your control of the AI by using a reference person.
  3. Image to Video: Generate a starting image for your AI video or bring your own.
  4. Upscale Images: Increase the resolution and details of your favorite images by upscaling them.



⚡Top 5 Decoherence Use Cases:

  1. Music Videos: Unleash your imagination with AI-generated music videos.
  2. Stock Footage: Elevate your content with customizable stock footage.
  3. Educational Content: Engage your audience with interactive educational materials.
  4. Artwork: Bring your artistic visions to life with AI assistance.

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