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Automate tedious writing tasks with a personal writing assistant for Mac.
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Elephas Features

Elephas is a Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac that helps you save hours every day by assisting with tedious writing tasks. It has features such as personalization and privacy friendly, supports popular sources, AI Smart Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, Reply with a click, and Never feel stuck.

Top 5 Features:
– Personalization and Privacy Friendly
– Supports Popular Sources
– AI Smart Keyboard
– Reply with a Click
– Never Feel Stuck

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Marketers: Generate blog ideas and outlines, Produce a complete article, Write viral content, Repurpose content for social media, Write headlines that convert
– Business Professionals: Turn instructions into professional emails, Reply to emails with a click, Rewrite sentences to different styles, Write any professional content, Generate executive summary
– Technical Professionals: Write a technical blog, Understand any code, Write code in any language, Write technical use cases, Generate Unix commands from text
– Excel and Google Sheets: Fix grammar mistakes in text, Write JIRA stories, Write attractive content
– Writing: Write emails, documents and rewrite text to different tones, Generate points for any topic, Chat with your data to gain insights or write an article.


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