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Samwell AI

Write better essays and cover letters with a free AI-powered assistant.
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Samwell AI Features

Samwell is an online tool that helps users write more effective essays, cover letters, and summaries. It offers a free platform to generate, analyze and craft content with the help of an AI-powered assistant.

Top 5 Features:
– Essay Writer: Smart and Plagiarism-Free essay and report crafting companion
– Cover Letter: Professional Targeted and Personal Cover Letter Generator
– Analyze: Audio and Text AI Summaries for Complex Images and Infographics
– Cookie Settings: Personalization and Analysis of Browsing
– Data Sharing: Sharing of Data with Advertising Partners

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Writing essays for school or college
– Crafting a professional targeted cover letter
– Automatically summarizing complex images or infographics
– Customizing cookie settings
– Analyzing data to better understand user interests and behavior


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