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Generate custom images, edit photos & expand borders with AI.
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What is Getimg AI?

GetImg AI is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to create and edit scale images. It provides a suite of tools, including an AI Generator, Image Editor, AI Canvas, and DreamBooth, to generate original images, edit photos, expand pictures beyond their borders, and create custom AI models. Millions use the platform for a wide range of applications, including art generation, product photography, logo design, interior design, creation of social media assets, and more.



⚡ Top 5 GetImg AI Features:

  1. AI Generator: This tool allows users to generate original images at scale, providing unique and personalized content for various uses.
  2. Image Editor: With this feature, users can edit images using only text, allowing for quick modifications and enhancements.
  3. AI Canvas: This feature enables users to expand pictures beyond their original borders, creating an infinite canvas workspace for unlimited creative possibilities.
  4. DreamBooth: This tool allows users to create custom AI models for generating unique content, such as avatars or product shots.
  5. ControlNet: This feature allows users to guide AI using their own images, providing more control over the output and enhancing creativity.



⚡ Top 5 GetImg AI Use Cases:

  1. AI Art and Anime Art Creation: The platform can be utilized to create unique artworks and anime art using generative AI, offering a new approach to digital art creation.
  2. Stock Photo Generation: GetImg AI allows users to generate their own license-free stock photos using powerful photo-realistic AI models, providing a cost-effective solution for obtaining high-quality images.
  3. Product Photography: The AI DreamBooth model can be used to create perfect product shots without the need for a professional photographer, making it an ideal tool for businesses and marketers.
  4. Character and Logo Design: Users can create fictional characters for games, books, or marketing campaigns and generate unique logo ideas for products or companies within seconds.
  5. Marketing Content Creation: Getimg AI can be used to create stunning content for marketing campaigns, generate inspiring ideas, or easily edit product pictures, enhancing the overall marketing strategy.

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