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Summarize articles on Chrome – ad-free, no trackers, privacy friendly.
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What is Gimme Summary AI?

Gimme Summary AI is a free Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT AI to summarize articles on the web. It is privacy-friendly and does not collect user data. Users can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and generate summaries either by hitting the summary button or setting a keyboard shortcut. The tool works on all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Brave, and Edge. It is designed to save time by quickly summarizing long articles for research, improving reading comprehension by summarizing complex texts, and getting the gist of news articles.



⚡Top 5 ChatGPT Writer Features:

  1. Write emails & messages: Generate responses to emails and messages using AI.
  2. Fix grammar mistakes: Correct grammatical errors in text.
  3. Rephrase text: Rewrite text in different tones or styles.
  4. Summarize text: Create summaries of text content.
  5. Translate text: Translate text into different languages.



⚡Top 5 ChatGPT Writer Use Cases:

  1. Generate reply to an email or message: Write a response to an email or message based on the context provided.
  2. Change tone: Adjust the tone of the response to be professional, casual, friendly, straightforward, or confident.
  3. Mention length: Specify the desired length of the response.
  4. Change response language: Request the response to be in a specific language.
  5. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes: Correct any grammatical or spelling errors in the text.

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