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Gimme Summary AI

Summarize articles on Chrome – ad-free, no trackers, privacy friendly.
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Gimme Summary AI Features

Gimme Summary AI is a free chrome extension that uses ChatGPT AI to summarize articles on the web. It has no ads, analytics trackers or cookies and does not collect any user data. Top 5 features:
– Free chrome extension to summarize articles on the web using ChatGPT AI
– Works in all Chromium based browsers such as Chrome, Brave and Edge
– Works on all sites
– 100% free and privacy friendly
– Create a free account on chat openai.com to enjoy the summarized article Top 5 use cases:
– Summarizing long forms of articles for better understanding
– Quickly summarizing a lot of text in less time
– Saving time from manually summarizing articles
– Helping users get an overview of an article
– Generating summaries with natural language patterns similar to human writing.


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