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On-demand web article summarization.
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What is Summate It?

Summate It is a website that provides a service to summarize web articles quickly using OpenAI technology. Users can input the URL of an article, and the platform generates a concise summary of its main points. The service offers free and premium plans, with the free version allowing up to 10 monthly summaries and the premium plan offering unlimited summaries for a monthly fee. Additionally, Summate It has developed an API for businesses and developers to integrate their services into their projects. They also have a Chrome browser extension for quicker and easier access, translation capabilities, and support for multiple languages. FiveFilters.org created the platform and aims to help users absorb essential information efficiently when they are short on time.



⚡Top 5 Summate It Features:

  1. Web Article Summarization: Quickly summarizes web articles using OpenAI technology.
  2. Browser Extension: A Chrome extension for quicker and easier access to the service.
  3. Translation Feature: Translates summaries to your preferred language.
  4. Full-Text RSS Extraction: Uses Full-Text RSS to extract article content and convert it to plain text.
  5. OpenAI Integration: Utilizes OpenAI for article summarization.



⚡Top 5 Summate It Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Reading: Allows users to quickly understand the main points of long articles when they’re short on time.
  2. Content Digestion: Helps digest complex topics by providing concise summaries of articles.
  3. Language Learning: Enables users to read articles in their preferred language by translating summaries.
  4. Accessibility: Provides a convenient way to access summarized articles through the Chrome extension.
  5. Integration with Other Services: Offers integration with other services such as Push to Kindle, which allows users to save summaries directly to their Kindle devices.

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