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What is InteriorAI?

InteriorAI is a web application that leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in designing and staging interior spaces. It offers various features, such as Sketch2Image, which converts raw interior design sketches into photorealistic renders within seconds. InteriorAI also supports SketchUp renders, transforming basic wireframes or 3D renders into high-resolution photorealistic images. Additionally, it provides Virtual Staging AI that can stage empty homes with furniture, lighting, and accessories, helping them sell faster and for higher prices.



⚡Top 5 InteriorAI Features:

  1. Sketch2Image: Create photorealistic renders from raw interior design sketches in 30 seconds.
  2. Virtual Staging AI: Fill empty spaces with furniture while maintaining the building’s construction.
  3. Room GPT AI Room Generator: Transform SketchUp wireframes or 3D renders into high-resolution photorealistic images.
  4. AI Interior Design Pipeline: Trained for high photorealism, constantly improving through reinforcement learning and user feedback.
  5. Affiliate Program: Earn a 30% commission on payments for all customers you refer.



⚡Top 5 InteriorAI Use Cases:

  1. Virtual Staging for Real Estate: Virtually staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than empty ones.
  2. Interior Design Redesign: Upload photos of your current interior, select a style, and redesign it in half a minute.
  3. SketchUp Integration: Transform SketchUp designs into photorealistic renders with just one click.
  4. Freestyle Generation: Generate interior designs from scratch based on the style and room type you pick.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Join InteriorAI’s affiliate program to earn commissions by referring new customers.

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