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Uncover patterns in multi-dimensional data with automated analytics.
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What is Kanaries?

Kanaries offers various services related to data analysis and visualization. They provide tools like RATH, which serves as an autopilot for visual analysis, and Graphic Walker Cloud for ad-hoc data analysis. Users can build dashboards using these tools and manage their data and dashboards through a personal analytic center. Additionally, they offer VizGPT, a GPT-powered data analysis tool, and PyGWalker for no-code visual analysis in Jupyter notebooks. also offers plans tailored to different user needs, including Pro, Team, Enterprise, and Education plans, each with varying features and pricing.



⚡Top 5 Kanaries Features:

  1. RATH: The autopilot for visual analysis
  2. Graphic Walker Cloud: Ad-hoc data analysis
  3. Build dashboard with graphic walker: Create custom dashboards
  4. Personal analytic center: Manage all your data and dashboards
  5. VizGPT: GPT powered data analysis



⚡Top 5 Kanaries Use Cases:

  1. Data Cleaning: Remove outliers and complex patterns using PyGWalker’s Data Painter
  2. Annotation with Ad Hoc Analysis: Create new features in real-time with Data Painter
  3. Interactive Web Apps: Share visualizations as interactive web apps with PyGWalker Cloud
  4. Role Based Access Control: Manage access to datasets and charts in enterprise plans
  5. Educational Offerings: Special collaboration workspace for educational organizations

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