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Legal Robot

Legal Robot offers automated contract analysis and legal simplification.
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Legal Robot Features

Legal Robot is a website that uses machine learning to help people understand contracts. It offers features such as contract analytics, legal simplifier, compliance tools, and legal graph data. Here are some of the top five features:
– Contract Analytics: Automatically extract key terms and identify problems with legal style definitions and risky language.
– Legal Simplifier: Translate legalese into plain language to improve comprehension and accessibility.
– Compliance Tools: Manage GDPR and DMCA requests, monitor website legal terms, and more.
– Legal Graph Data: Explore what is in the market with the largest public source of tagged and enriched contracts.
– Security: Ensure data security with Legal Robot and protect your information with encrypted data.

Here are some of the top five use cases for Legal Robot:
– Negotiate contracts easily: Understand legal terms and quickly negotiate contracts with confidence.
– Protect sensitive information: Keep your confidential information secure with encrypted data.
– Draft agreements: Draft legally sound agreements with plain language and up-to-date terms.
– Analyze complex contracts: Quickly analyze complex contracts and find any mistakes or incorrect language.
– Monitor legal terms: Easily monitor legal terms to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.


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