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Save lives with advanced cancer screening using world-leading technology.
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What is Lunit?

Lunit is a website that provides AI-powered solutions for cancer detection and diagnosis. Their main product, Lunit INSIGHT MMG, is an AI-based system that assists radiologists in detecting breast cancer by automatically analyzing mammograms and generating quantitative density assessments. It has been shown to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis, particularly in dense breast cases, and can triage a significant portion of cases as normal without missing any breast cancer. Another product, Lunit SCOPE IO, is an AI-powered biomarker for immune phenotyping that classifies three immune phenotypes from H&E slides and can detect intratumoral and stromal TILs. Lunit’s mission is to conquer cancer through AI technology, aiming to save lives and contribute to a healthier future for humanity.



⚡Top 5 Lunit Features:

AI-Powered Biomarker for Immune Phenotyping: Lunit SCOPE IO detects cancer area, stroma, and TILs from H&E slides and classifies three immune phenotypes—inflamed, excluded, desert.
Objective Analysis Results: Trained with 50K slides including 10M+ cell annotations by 150+ pathologists worldwide, Lunit SCOPE IO generates analysis results that are objective and close to the ground truth.
Fast Turnaround Time: It takes only three days to get AI analysis results.
Wide Cancer Coverage: Covers 16 types of cancer including lung, head and neck, esophagus, cervix, stomach, colorectum, breast, pancreas, bladder, melanoma, kidney, liver, ovary, prostate, biliary tract, and endometrium.
AI Biomarker Score: The AI biomarker score is calculated based on the phenotype map. If the score is higher than the cut-off value, the patient would be more likely positive and respond to immunotherapy.



⚡Top 5 Lunit Use Cases:

AI for Cancer Detection: Lunit uses AI for cancer detection, helping to identify cancerous areas in medical images.
AI Biomarker for Immunotherapy: Lunit’s AI biomarker for immunotherapy helps predict patient response to immunotherapy, improving treatment outcomes.
Strong Research: Lunit has conducted over 200+ studies and abstracts, demonstrating the company’s commitment to research and innovation.
World-Leading Technology: Lunit’s technology is recognized as world-leading, setting new standards in the field of AI-assisted medical diagnosis.
Meet Our Customers: Lunit’s customers include healthcare providers and researchers who use the company’s AI solutions to improve patient care and advance medical knowledge.


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