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An intuitive platform for creating and sharing mini courses with ease.
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Mini.Course Features

AI Course Creator is a website designed to help users turn their mini-course ideas into reality. AI Course Creator uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest titles and outlines, help curate visuals, and create an interactive, engaging mini-course.

Top 5 Features:
– AI Assistance to create complete and accurate mini courses
– Ability to add questions, images, videos, and other content to personalize the mini course
– Option to add access barriers such as sign-up wall, password wall, and payment wall
– Ability to share the mini course with a customizable link
– Option to post mini courses on webpages, LinkedIn carousels, and other formats

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Generate mini courses for educational, marketing, or other purposes
– Monetize knowledge and expertise
– Collect emails as a lead magnet
– Create exclusive content behind a password wall
– Embed mini courses on websites and other online platforms


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