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What is To Teach AI?

to-teach AI provides a platform for educators to access subject-specific teaching materials, customizable content, and AI-assisted lesson planning. It offers over 500 exercises and worksheets across various subjects, allowing users to adapt the content to their lessons and learners. Additionally, the site enables users to expand their existing content by incorporating texts, images, documents, YouTube videos, and articles from the web. The AI-powered system adapts materials to each student’s language level, difficulty, and topics, ensuring alignment with the curriculum. Users can choose from three pricing plans, including a free tier, and enjoy features such as gamification options, premium worksheets, and access to exercise and worksheet solutions.



⚡Top 5 To-Teach AI Features:

  1. Subject-specific teaching materials: Choose from over 500 prepared exercises and worksheets for various school subjects.
  2. Customizable content: Adapt content to your lessons and learners with a single click.
  3. Lesson planning made easy: Utilize AI lesson design to create engaging lessons aligned with the curriculum.
  4. Multiple language levels: Harness AI-powered technology to adapt materials to each student’s language level, difficulty, and topics.
  5. Engaging formats: Keep students captivated with unique formats like WhatsApp chats, emails, and diverse themes for comprehension exercises.



⚡Top 5 To-Teach AI Use Cases:

  1. Role playing challenging conversations: Encourage students to use ChatGPT as a stand-in for different personas during debates or interviews.
  2. Building quizzes, tests, and lesson plans: Share curriculum materials with ChatGPT to generate fresh quiz and lesson plan ideas.
  3. Translation assistance: Help non-native English speakers improve their English writing and practice conversation skills.
  4. Critical thinking exercises: Teach students about AI tools by having them demonstrate their knowledge through creative tasks like writing scenes, poems, or stories.
  5. Creating an AI tutor: Develop an AI-powered digital assistant that guides students in understanding concepts and generates their own answers.

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