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What is Moonbeam Exchange?

Moonbeam Exchange is a data science platform that provides market intelligence, innovation programming, and strategic technology sourcing services to corporations, economic development organizations, and startups. The platform leverages over 100 data sources to provide insights and opportunities for co-creation, helping businesses accelerate innovation and stay competitive in the marketplace. Moonbeam Exchange’s market intelligence reports offer deep understanding of industries, market trends, and customer behavior, while its innovation programming services foster a culture of innovation within organizations. The strategic sourcing services help businesses maximize their benefit from external innovation by identifying and evaluating capabilities and deals. Moonbeam Exchange has been praised for its Total Addressable Market reports and its role in assisting startups in developing go-to-market strategies.



⚡Top 5 Moonbeam Features:

Feature 1: Unlocking Global Innovation Networks
Feature 2: Data-Driven Market Intelligence
Feature 3: Innovation Programming
Feature 4: Strategic Technology Sourcing
Feature 5: AI-Powered Chatbot (Kapa.ai)



⚡Top 5 Moonbeam Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Connecting Corporations to Dynamic Startup Clusters
Use Case 2: Market Intelligence Reports for Businesses
Use Case 3: Innovation Programming for Organizations
Use Case 4: Strategic Sourcing for Business Growth
Use Case 5: AI-Powered Chatbot for Developer Support


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