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Ordinary People Prompts

Interactive prompts for ChatGPT for AI basics & troubleshooting.
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Ordinary People Prompts Features

Ordinary Prompts for Ordinary People is a website that provides a database of prompts for ChatGPT. It allows users to learn AI basics and get familiar with GPT prompts to use in their everyday life.

Top 5 Features:
– Comprehensive database of prompts tailored specifically for ChatGPT users
– AI 101s and Tutorials to help beginners get started
– Support to troubleshoot GPT related issues
– Easy to use platform
– Regularly updated content

Top 5 Use Cases:
– For ChatGPT users to find quality prompts for conversations
– To learn the basics of AI and GPT
– For beginners to get started with ChatGPT
– To troubleshoot GPT related issues
– To get the latest updates on ChatGPT and AI.


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