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Personalized bedtime stories with illustrations & audiobooks.
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What is Oscar?

Oscar Stories is a mobile app that generates personalized bedtime stories for kids using artificial intelligence. The app allows parents to create unique and engaging stories tailored to their preferences, featuring their children as the main characters. The stories are not only entertaining but also embedded with important life lessons, covering topics such as honesty, kindness, courage, empathy, and responsibility. The app offers a wide range of stories in multiple languages and includes illustrations to stimulate children’s imagination. Parents can even generate audiobooks from their own bedtime stories and embark on adventures in the world of classic tales like Alice in Wonderland, Mowgli, or Grimms Tales.



⚡Top 5 Oscar Stories Features:

Feature 1: Personalized Adventures in Famous Classic Tales
Feature 2: User Input-Based Story Generation
Feature 3: AI Technology for Unique Storytelling
Feature 4: Child-Friendly Content
Feature 5: Inclusive and Diverse Storytelling



⚡Top 5 Oscar Stories Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Bedtime Storytelling for Parents and Children
Use Case 2: Story Creation for Children’s Birthdays or Special Occasions
Use Case 3: Storytelling for Children with Learning Difficulties or Reading Challenges
Use Case 4: Story Creation for Children with Different Interests and Preferences
Use Case 5: Storytelling for Children with Limited Access to Books or Reading Materials


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