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AI voice generator with 600+ voices and realistic audio.
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Play HT Features

Play HT is an AI-powered voice generator that provides ultra-realistic text-to-speech services. It offers a wide range of products including AI text-to-speech, AI voice cloning, and a voice generation API, making it versatile for various use cases such as creating voiceovers for videos, audio publishing, storytelling, e-learning, podcasts, gaming, IVR systems, translation & dubbing, and more. The platform supports over 100 languages and accents, includes 907 AI voices, and allows customizations like voice inflections and custom pronunciations to enhance projects with human-like voice performances.

Top 5 Features:
AI Text to Speech: Play HT’s primary feature is the AI-powered text-to-speech functionality that converts written text into natural-sounding, human-like voice performances across various languages and accents
Voice Cloning: The platform also offers a unique AI voice cloning feature, allowing users to create a digital replica of any voice, which can then be used to generate speech
Voice Generation API: Play HT provides a voice generation API, enabling developers to integrate the AI voice technology into their own applications, games, or platforms
Custom Pronunciations and Voice Inflections: Users have the ability to customize how specific words are pronounced, fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis and add pauses, creating a more suitable and natural voice tone
Multi-Voice Feature: This feature allows users to create conversations in their audio projects by using different voices in the same audio file, adding depth and variety to their content

Top 5 Use Cases:
AI Voiceovers for Videos: Play HT can be used to generate ultra-realistic AI voiceovers for various types of videos like marketing, explainer, product demos, and YouTube videos
Audio Publishing: The platform can be employed to convert written content such as newspapers, articles, or blogs into audio format, making it accessible to a wider audience
E-Learning: With its ability to pronounce terminologies and acronyms correctly, Play HT can be used to create engaging e-learning materials or update training materials
Podcasts: Users can create and customize their own podcasts using unique AI voices or even clone their own voice to scale up their podcast production
Gaming: Game developers can streamline their pre-production process by using Play HT’s ultra-realistic AI voices as placeholders for voice acting in their Pre-Vis and Pitch-Vis stages


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