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Build playlists with Spotify integration & customizable options.
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Playlistable Features

Playlistable is an AI Music Playlist Generator that allows users to unleash the power of AI to create perfect playlists for any mood or occasion. It offers seamless Spotify integration, a Song Match feature that takes you on a personalized playlist adventure, Artist Match which curates playlists around a favorite artist, the ability to customize playlists, and an AI-generated selection of songs based on preferences.

Top 5 Features:
– Seamless Spotify Integration
– Song Match Feature
– Artist Match Feature
– Ability to Customize Playlists
– AI Generated Selection of Songs

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Creating Playlists Based on Listening History
– Generating Playlists for Special Occasions
– Discovering Artists and Songs That Match Preference
– Personalizing Playlists
– Finding Music for Different Moods


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