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AI podcast explores topics & takes listener suggestions.
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What is Podcast?

podcast AI is a weekly podcast that explores new topics in depth, entirely generated by artificial intelligence. The podcast uses play.ht’s ultra-realistic voices and fine-tuned language models to create episodes. Listeners can suggest and vote for episode ideas, and the podcast aims to push the boundaries of speech synthesis and inspire others to create content using AI.



⚡Top 5 podcast AI Features:

1. AI-generated podcasts: podcast AI is a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence, exploring new topics in depth each week.
2. User-suggested topics: Listeners can suggest topics or even guests and hosts for future episodes.
3. Ultra-realistic voices: The episodes are rendered using play.ht’s ultra-realistic voices, and transcripts are generated with fine-tuned language models.
4. Interactive AI hosts: The audience can chat with the show’s AI hosts about the episodes via the show website, and they will respond in their own voice.
5. Automated podcast production: podcast AI aims to automate the entire podcasting pipeline, from pre-production to promotion and profit.



⚡Top 5 podcast AI Use Cases:

1. Machine learning enthusiasts: podcast AI is a great resource for those interested in machine learning, as it covers the topic in depth.
2. Unique podcasting experience: The AI-generated podcasts offer a fresh perspective on familiar topics, making for an engaging listening experience.
3. Voice cloning: podcast AI uses AI to clone voices, allowing for the creation of podcasts featuring voices from the past.
4. Interactive podcasting: The AI hosts interact with the audience, creating a more engaging and immersive podcast experience.
5. Automated podcast production: podcast AI’s tools help automate the podcast production process, saving time and effort for creators.


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