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What is Podium?

Podium is an AI tool designed for podcasters and content creators that helps generate high-quality show notes, chapters, summaries, and other content related to podcasts. It uses AI technology to analyze podcast episodes and generate show notes, including summaries, chapter titles, timestamps, and more. Podium aims to save time and money for podcasters by automating the process of creating comprehensive show notes, improving podcast accessibility, and boosting discoverability through search engines.



⚡Top 5 Podium Features:

PodiumGPT: An AI tool that creates custom text content based on podcasts or shows using AI.
Show notes: Automatically generated show notes for podcasts.
Chapters, chapter titles, and chapter summaries: Breaks podcasts into chapters with titles and summaries.
Suggested episode title: AI-generated suggested episode titles.
Transcript: Provides a full transcript of the podcast (English only).



⚡Top 5 Podium Use Cases:

Creating show notes: Automatically generates show notes for podcasts.
Speeding up production time: Helps podcasters focus on podcasting by automating post-production tasks.
Improving discoverability: Includes links to resources mentioned in the episode, increasing the chances of the podcast being discovered through search engines.
Monetizing podcasts: Provides a platform for listing affiliate links, sponsorships, or donation links.
Supporting guests and friends: Helps promote guests’ new books, podcasts, stand-up specials, or other projects.


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